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SW QuickLoad / QuickTarget

SW QuickLoad / QuickTarget for PC

Dostępność: w magazynie
Product Code: HB_QL
Producent: H. G. Broemel


135,05 EUR


Opis produktu


QuickLoad / QuickTarget v.


The CD contains  two programs, QuickLoad and QuickTarget, which helps reloaders a lot, not only to pick appropriate components. The database of QuickLOAD also include photos or dimensional technical drawings for most of the predefined cartridges.

These programs are used by professionals.



  • According to parameters supplied, program calculates and suggests charge weight
  • Calculates chamber pressure, muzzle speed and energy of the bullet
  • The database contains over
    • 2500 bullets
    • 1200 cartridges
    • 230 powders
  • The database can be extended manually, or by installing actualizations



  • According to parameters supplied, program calculates the bullet's flight trajectory
  • Calculates bullet's speed and energy as a function of distance and the flying time
  • If wind conditions are known, you can calculate with them too
  • Program also contains features useful for adjusting your scope