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SW QuickDESIGN 1.8

Computer Aided Cartrige Designer and Viewer Software for PC

Dostępność: w magazynie
Product Code: HB_QD
Producent: H. G. Broemel


90,02 EUR


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Computer Aided Cartrige Designer and Viewer Software for Axis-Symmetrical Metallic Cartriges QuickDESIGN program allows the user to edit, check and view dimensions of cartridges and their chambers.

Standard-, non-standard- or wildcat cartridges and suitable chambers may be entered from scratch, edited or one may form a cartridge by using an already existing parent design. Case capacity, case weight and collisions (interference of dimensions) between cartridge and chamber will be calculated and checked.

Clearance from rifling and available case capacity is checked by the program as well as bullet properties like form factor, sectional density. Drag function and B.C. will also be estimated.

You may transfer necessary data of an actual cartridge design made by QuickDESIGN to QuickLOAD interior ballistics program.

Drawing metrics take pattern from CIP or ANSI / SAAMI standards.