Bullets S&B caliber 9mm Luger, weight 124grs, SP, V319272


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Bullets S&B caliber 9mm Luger, weight 124grs, SP, V319272

Bullets Sellier & Bellot caliber 9mm Luger, 9x21, diameter .355, weight 124grs/8,00g, bullet type SP, code V319272

Dostępność: w magazynie
Product Code: SB_V319272
Producent: Sellier Bellot


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Opis produktu


Bullet Sellier & Bellot


Caliber: 9mm Luger, 9x21

Diameter: .355

Weight: 124grs, 8,00g

Type of Bullet: SP


Packed by 100pcs.


Bullet SP:

Semi - jacketed bullet - soft point. The bullet has a lead core. The lead core is bare in the front part. When hitting the target it gets deformed to make a mushroom - like shape, which ensures that kinetic energy is transferred fast.

The bullet is characterized by the low ability to rebound.



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