Bullets ARES 32-20, dia .311, 120grs, polymer coated lead


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Bullets ARES 32-20, dia .311, 120grs, polymer coated lead

ARES 32-20-120 RN FP BB-311 EPRX - Ares casted colour bullets with unpainted base. 32-20, Diameter .311, weight 120grs.

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Product Code: ARES_32-20-120 RN FP BB-311 EPRX
Producent: ARES


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Quality bullets for ammo reloading made by manufacturer ARES.


Every bullet is made with a special technology of attaching polymer to lead. This coating provides a surface barrier so that the lead does not contact the rifling in the barrel.


Packed by 500pcs.


Photo is for illustration only. The color of shipped bullets depends on stock.